Video Editing - Visual Effects-VFX Course in Mumbai

At Nica Institute, we offer the best Video Editing and Visual Effects (VFX) course. Gain expertise in editing videos to craft compelling stories, and learn to rearrange footage seamlessly. Dive into the world of visual effects to enhance and manipulate visual elements effectively. Our program equips you with the skills to tell captivating stories through editing and elevate visuals with visual effects. Whether it's refining story flow or adding stunning visual enhancements, this course prepares you for a career in the dynamic world of video production and post-production.

  • Course Duration: 3-4 Months
  • Fast Track: 2 Months
  • Qualification: Min SSC
  • Course Fees:
  • Installment Facility: YES
  • JOB Assistance: YES

Video Editing - Visual Effects-VFX Course

Video Editing Topics
  • Introduction to Video Editing
  • Understanding Film Making Process
  • Knowing what is FPS
  • Knowing Aspect Ratio
  • Digital Video Editing Vs Analog Video Editing
  • What are Characteristics of Video Editor
  • Understanding program different workspace
  • Adjusting custom workspace
  • Different types of Video Editing Programs
  • Understanding Video Formats
  • Setting Project
  • Importing / Organising Medias
  • Video Editing Monitor
  • Video Editing Timeline
  • Working with Tool
  • Using Transitions
  • Using Video Effects
  • Adding Sound
  • Exporting Movie
VFX Topics
  • Understanding Workspace
  • Understanding Video Visual Effects Types
  • Understanding Motion Graphics
  • Understanding CGI Effect
  • Understanding Post Production Process
  • Understanding Codecs
  • Understanding Interface of Program
  • Workspace Management
  • Starting new project
  • Importing organising Footage
  • Understanding composition
  • Animation using text / Shapes
  • Green Screen (chroma) Compositing
  • Using particle Effects
  • Masking
  • Wireremoval
Sound Editing Topics
  • Introduction to Sound Editing
  • Understanding Sound file formats
  • Understanding Interface
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Overlaying
  • Sound Recording
  • Using Filters
  • Using Codecs
  • Exporting Sound

Video editing is putting together and refining video clips to tell a story or convey a message. It involves tasks like trimming footage, adjusting colors, and adding effects to create a polished final product. Visual effects, on the other hand, involve adding computer-generated imagery to videos to enhance the storytelling or create special effects. This includes things like adding CGI characters, explosions, or text overlays. Both video editing and visual effects are essential for creating engaging and captivating videos.

Dive into the exciting world of video editing and visual effects with NICA Institute in Dadar, Mumbai, where we offer the best courses designed to unleash your creativity and skills in multimedia production. At NICA Institute, we focus on teaching you essential skills in video editing and visual effects, preparing you for a successful career as Video Editor, Visual Effect Artist.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Enroll now at NICA Institute in Dadar, Mumbai, and let's ignite your passion for video editing and visual effects together! right now.

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Mahesh Thorat: “This is the best institute for Graphic and Web Design Course. They taught me practically and also gave me job as a WebGraphic Designer. I give them five stars to them.”

Bhushan Bhaud: “I did Web and Graphic course from NICA Institute and today I am working with a big company as a WebGraphic Designer. Really professional institute.”

Deepak Badgujar: “In this institute faculties are professional and effective teachers. I go all necessary skills required as and web designer and today I have my own website all done by myself. Best Institute.”

Kathi Von Wartburg: “I enjoyed my time at NICA very much. The teachers are competent and always very helpful when I didn't understand or needed help in my projects. There is also a good atmosphere at the school and a lot of interaction with other students, which makes studying fun.”